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Any online x-rated video that gains popularity by being visually obscene beyond measure. The term "shock video" is coined by it being a shocking video, and what makes them shocking is that graphic details are shown and the videos are not animated. Popular talk of one of these videos spike the listeners curiosity after hearing how horrifying and disgusting the video is, rendering it a must-see. The content of the most notable shock videos would include two women eating each others feces and vomiting in each others mouths, a man cutting his genitals off with an axe, a man being raped by a horse, you get the idea.
2 girls 1 cup is the most well known shock video
by chuckphantom January 06, 2011

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Also known as simply "Hardcore", it is a fast and very heavy style of Electronic (Techno) music, and should not be confused with Hardstyle. What stands out in this style is that the bass drum is prominently distorted, often to the point where it doubles as the bass note, and the pitch is almost always the first or fifth scale degree of the scale used in the song. These songs often contain sound clips from other means of entertainment, most notably from Hip Hop acapellas. However, the use of original lyrics in this music is not unheard of.

Angerfist, Neophyte, Outblast, Noize Suppressor, The Stunned Guys, and The Wishmaster are all notable artists of this kind of music.
Guy #1: "Dude, where's the best place to hear someone spin some Gabber?"

Guy #2: "Definitely at the event, Masters Of Hardcore!"
by chuckphantom October 05, 2010

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