the dance you perform on gabbermusic, its kind of like skanking except for the arm swinging part and you do shorter kicks with your feet. this all compared with aggression makes for some good ol hakken.
dude I thought I was going to get the shit kicked out of me. then I found out they were doing some crazy dutch dance called hakken.
by cameleo November 10, 2006
When a cosplayer cosplays the opposite sex or only cosplays the opposite sex and viewers believes the cosplayer is that gender but they are actually the opposite. Basically the cosplay version of catfish.
Sally: Omg I'm in love with this cosplayer he is so sexy and he nails each character.

Emma: Sally I hate to break it to you but he is actually a she, you have been hakkened.
by Goatgirl1111 September 16, 2021
Person A:"I saw this really good cosplay on Instagram"
Person B:"Really?! Show me!!"
Person A:"Here, look at this!"
Person B:"Ohhhhhh no wonder it's a good cosplay, it's done by the one and only Hakken Ryou!"
by Hiroya Kujo Stan December 17, 2022