When a chick is giving you head, and just before you climax, she brings her palm down onto your penis with extreme force, leaving you unable to attain an erection for weeks.
That bitch totally did the finster to me last night!
by Finstered February 13, 2010
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A five dollar bill. Comes from suffixing fin with ster. Works particularly well in card games like poker or Acey Deucey as a chant or taunt to encourage the player to bet $5.
Oh, that's at least worth a finster

A deuce and a seven? Come on, grow some balls. Fin-ster! Fin-ster! Fin-ster!
by flurffmeister August 29, 2011
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A person that can get any word added to this site
Oh look..... A finster
by Pauloscouser September 14, 2018
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A teeny little innocent sounding fart with a large odiferous impact. Derived from the Baby Face Finster chararcter in Bugs Bunny cartoons, a ruthless criminal disquise as a cute little baby.
"Dude, that beef was a finster baby!"
by Rottenjeff October 19, 2009
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Named after the character in the popular 90's children's cartoon Rugrats, a Chuckie Finster is a coward. Someone who is too afraid to do anything.
You're afraid to ask that girl out? Man you're acting like a real Chuckie Finster.
by 69guy420xxxstraightedge March 8, 2011
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When someone walks around with one or both shoes untied because they are to lazy or busy to stop and tie them.
Ryan started pulling a chuckie finster in order to get out of the cold snow and into his warm house.
by Gamemaster2486 November 19, 2020
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