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The Establishment is the unholy alliance of neo-cons and limousine liberals in Washington, in which they pretend to be rivals on CNN when, in reality, they are devoid of any ideas other than skills for how to maintain power and create control via useful idiots in their faux protests that are bankrolled by their puppet masters and "cultural elites" that believe that voting against them is an act of "rebelling."
The Establishment is best represented by Senators, like Chuck Schumer and John McCain, who both should be outsourced to North Korea and replaced with robots.
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by Rosebud1776 August 10, 2017
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The system in which the Man holds us down. It is an intricate network of codes and regulations, involving everything from taxes that get spent in all the wrong places to phone banks where nobody even works. There are players for "the Establishment" everywhere, so do not let people know that you are aware of it.
I work for the Establishment and there is nothing I can do about it.
by rob March 08, 2005
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