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This is a somewhat complex yet simple move to perform. What you will need:

1. White lab coat with green Emeril E on the front
2. Emeril Essence seasoning
3. Partner who is willing to perform fellatio

To perform this maneuver, first place on the lab coat after the E has been applied. Then while your partner is performing fellatio, as you are about to climax pull in her head and release the goo in her mouth while yelling "BAM!!!". After one has orgasm'd, proceed to say, "Now I'm gonna kick it up a notch." Tell your lady friend to open her mouth then proceed to sprinkle the Emeril Essence seasoning all over your man-juice, while screaming "BAM!!" in the process.

Thus, the Emeril LaGasse
Thomas: So what did you and Cindy do last night?

Geoffrey: Well, Cindy was in the kitchen cooking a rack of lamb and I got horny so I gave her "The Emeril LaGasse".

Thomas: Haha, nice.

Geoffrey: Oh yes, I sure did kick it up a notch afterwards when I told her I have herpes.
by Todd Todd September 26, 2009
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