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Probably the Best freaking public school in the state of New Jersey, and maybe even the Tri-State area. TCNJ's students are made up of some of the best leftovers that didn't have the money to afford Princeton. Many people tend to think of TCNJ in terms of Rutgers, but anyone with an STD can get into Rutgers. It takes a solid SAT score and an over-achiever's roster of extra-curriculars to get into The College. It may not be an Ivy, but it's definitely a Public Ivy. And, as the New York Times said, it's not just The College, it's "The HOT College."
Any SMART student that doesn't go to Rutgers, Rowan, Montclair, William Patterson (Willie P), Stockton, Rider, or Kean.

Some of TCNJ's best include an awesome group of (probably overpaid) student Ambassadors.

Mostly New Jersey students, but the 10% of out-of-staters include: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Masschusettes, California, Arizona, Washington, and Kansas.

"Hey! Are you going to be one of the 10,000 sluts going to attend Rutgers with me in the fall?!"

"Well, I got in there. But, I got into The College of New Jersey as well. So, I figured I'd go to the better school. Plus, I like not having the HIV."
by Roscoe the Lion September 24, 2008
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While Blee (from New Brunswick, NOT Ewing, where the College is located) makes some good points about TCNJ inflating its image, he makes some broad assumptions that are not really true. TCNJ is a great college for prospective teachers, and is well-connected with schools in New Jersey. The amount of hands-on time you get teaching at TCNJ is great, and is something you won't find many other places (like Rutgers). Like it or not, TCNJ is getting national (not just local) attention. It has been put on the Barron's list of the top 75 most competitive colleges. I don't know about the rest of the faculty, but the music faculty is diverse and knowledgable, and all have outstanding merits.

That being said, TCNJ babies its students more that most colleges, and the housing situation is not very good for upperclassmen. The administration is practically retarded, and the parties are pretty terrible. The people are largely lame and apathetic, but you will find a sizeable amount of motivated, interesting people. If you are a motivated person you will find TCNJ to be very useful if you don't mind wading through some bullshit.
The College of New Jersey is not what its faculty or critics make it out to be.
by Kid Nimbus November 14, 2005
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One of the most overrated college. Students feel they attend an elite school because of the "impressive" average SAT scores and "low" acceptance rate. One's intelligence is often times measured by the other schools they've gotten into.

Because TCNJ (and Rutgers for pre professional programs) kicks the shit out of every other state school in NJ, many in-state students will chose TCNJ because of the economy and the school's in-state tuition. That is why 90 percent of the student body if from New Jersey.

Elite students DO NOT go to TCNJ because it is an elite school, but rather because they don't want to spend 40,000+ elsewhere.

If TCNJ was actually a good school, it would attract out of state students.
Doug: "How's your first semester at The College of New Jersey"

Dumb Bitch: "Awesome, there's kids in my women gender studies class that got into Villanova, Lafayette, and Lehigh. I GO TO SUCH A GOOD SCHOOL!"

Doug: "Hmm, or maybe because bright students from New Jersey that didn't receive much financial aid or scholarships from other schools nearly all end up at TCNJ because it's the best public college in New Jersey. Why are there so few out of state students then?"


Doug: "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize. Where have you read that?"

Dumb Bitch: "A book"

Doug: "right"
by meatholesucker May 01, 2012
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A college, formerly known as Trenton State, located in Mercer County, New Jersey that has changed it's name to the original name of Princeton University while also ripping off Princeton's logo. The faculty and staff will repeatedly refer to TCNJ as one of the top colleges in the nation alongside Princeton, Harvard, Yale, etc... to the point where they are almost as snobby as the people from Princeton. This is to create a false sense of elitism. The faculty is full of a bunch of locals that don't want to leave the area. In reality, TCNJ is community college that has turned into a wanna be Ivy League school.
1. Many of the top Universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cal Tech, and The College of New Jersey only accept the best students.
-any moronic TCNJ professor

2. A 3.0 at Rutgers Unversity means a hell of a lot more than a 4.0 at The College of New Jersey.
-Edward W. Castner Jr. PhD

3. If you refer to The College of New Jersey as Trenton State, the staff will crucify you.
by Blee September 22, 2005
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A college filled with people who think they attend an elite school. They ripped off Princeton's name and many currently think they are better than Rutgers and even (gasp) Princeton. This is laughable. Although TCNJ is not a bad school, the student makeup, who feel as though they are attending one of the country's most elite Universities, significantly lower the school's credibility.
The morons in the facebook group of The College of New Jersey actually think TCNJ is a better college than Princeton.

At The College of New Jersey, no one laughed when it was announced that they were all attending an elite University
by Ricky44444 June 12, 2007
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Ugly people. Boring town. A mix of huge losers and a handful of "cool" people who think they're better than everyone else because they're not one of the huge losers. Beautiful drawings of random things can be found around campus by a girl named Grace. Everyone knows she doesn't actually draw the pictures, but it's still funny. The school consists of the following people:
1. Science nerds who study a lot
2. Engineering Majors who think they have the weight of the world on their shoulders because "I'm taking 18 credits a semester!" ..when really their labs count for 2 credits, whereas science labs count for 0 credits.
3. Sorority girls who pretend they're best friends with each other when they met two days ago.
4. Frat guys who think they're better than everyone else.
5. Athletes-HES majors
There are two on-campus ghosts.
I was walking around the BEAUTIFUL The College of New Jersey campus and heard that annoying ghost playing piano, then I ran into a overwhelmed engineering major who was freaking out for no reason.
by Lena J May 16, 2007
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The college of new jersey is a pretty okay school. However, there is nothing to do on the weekends, and the parties become monotonous after a while. Nearby is beautiful and never scary or skeevy Trenton. There is absolutely no security on this campus so you can get into and out of this school very easily. Overall a pretty good place to be if you want to bring in alcohol to your dorm, because you're not cool enough to get into a party...
If you wanted to go to a college or university with great sports teams or anything great really, you won't find it here.
by Canadian Hero April 28, 2005
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