A polygamous sex act in which a women lies on her shoulders with her legs up in the air spread at about 90 degrees. One man stands perpendicular to her and between her legs, and positions his penis straight down into her vagina. Two other men (or women if they have the upper body strength) stand on either side and hold on to the woman's ankles. They then pull her up and down onto the man's penis, using her legs just like the handle on a butter churn.
Dan, Mike, Cindy, and I were bored last night after Scrabble-O-Rama so we turned that bitch into the butter churn.
by Ryan J B September 25, 2005
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When you pour warm milk in a girls vagina and alternate fucking speeds until it solidifies into butter...the next morning you trick her into eating said butter.
Guy: We Made good butter last night while we did the Butter Churn.
Girl: Yea...mmm this toast is good.
Guy: hehehe
by I <3 Toast June 2, 2007
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After giving a girl a creampie you use a dildo to churn the cum like butter.
Hey I totally butter churned this chick I met last night
by Djwkhhjwje January 29, 2020
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1. A slang term for the vagina.
2. Something that people used and still use until this very day to make the wonderful substance known as butter. You can eat it plain , on a piece of bread , with a friend, or off of your partners genitals.
Sally pulled her skirt up with a shift and a queef and eminated the words from her mouth hole. Stick your big silly weener in my butter churn.
by Red and Brown Grass Rat November 25, 2004
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A sexual massage of the penis in the motion of churning butter. It's kind of like an indian sunburn, but on the penis.
Sally grabbed Fred's penis, and performed a butter churn upon it.
by sweaterdouche February 3, 2007
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A butter churn is a girl who, when faced with the singularity of marriage, decides to ride every stick in the tri-county area, just so she can get her kicks before she is tied down for life.
Tre: Dude, I'm fixin to get down on the Michele bitch tonight.

Rocco: I ain't hearin' that, man. That chick is a fuckin' butter churn; every guy's mixed his butter in her.
by Mick Jagermeister September 30, 2008
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