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Irvine, California. It's called "The Bubble" because all of its residents are sheltered from the real world. We're clean, sweet, and well-off. The only drug we're exposed to is Tyenol.
There are no hobos in The Bubble, because the cops take them to Tustin.
by RasberryLips August 25, 2005
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A great place to be. It's what you call something that's totally protected such as an affluent community without crime. The kids here really don't have to worry about anything except for maybe the internet temporarily going down.
Q: Hey have you seen the news about the war? It's so sad, almost 5,000 people lost their homes.

A: What? sorry I live in "The Bubble"
by Taifly1234 April 26, 2011
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The Woodlands, Texas. A rich, populous, modern community north of houston. It's called the bubble for the extreme disregard of reality. Here, teenagers believe they can drink, smoke, and have sex with everyone, then get accepted into any college because their rich parents will pay for another wing. As soon as you leave the dense cover of trees, all you will see is pavement. Everyone who hears of the Woodlands immediately thinks of snobby rich kids.
Dean: Dude, I went to a party in the Bubble last night. Craziest shit you will ever see.

John: Seriously? Did you drink, smoke, and have sex?

Dean: So much, man. I freaking love the Woodlands. But I wouldn't want to live there, the people are a bunch of snobby rich kids.

John: True dat.
by white.noise May 15, 2010
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The state you're in when you've recorded (via DVR, VHS, etc) a sporting event or tv show and wish to watch it for the first time without knowing the outcome or ending.
If your girlfriend wants to watch Top Chef and you want to watch the Lakers game, you might tape the game and go into "the bubble." During the time you're in the bubble, you must be very cautious about any incoming information (internet/phone calls/scores moving along the bottom of the screen, etc) because the goal is to watch the game "live to you" so you can enjoy the drama.

Dude, don't tell me the outcome of the Steelers game. I'm in 'the Bubble'.
by richard bullard barnes August 05, 2010
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The Bubble is a small tight knit group of friends who are loyal, always there and will use their combined talents to solve each others problems and generally make each other feel better. All the members of The Bubble (bubblees) tend to have some kind of social issue.

Becoming included in The Bubble is difficult and takes time. Bubblees are outwardly normal and will have other friends..... but not like the ones in The Bubble.

Bubblees accept that if they go to one other Bubblee with a problem, this can, and will, be shared with other members of The Bubble in order to find a solution.

The Bubble is a great source of support and an excellent place to be.
"Alright Dave?"
"No, something awful has happened"
"Don't panic, The Bubble will sort it together!"
by ani val April 06, 2012
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Kingwood, Texas. what the people of kingwood call their home. Its an affluant community in north Houston that is referred to the bubble because of the inability of kingwood teens to live in "the real world" without drugs, alcohol, excessive money, and parents that just dont care or know. Also because of the boring scene a kingwood teen is raised with.
"the bubble of kingwood"
by Jzatk September 01, 2006
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