Digital Video Recorder

An electronic box that records your television shows onto a hard drive for viewing at anytime. The bigger the hard drive, the more hours it can record. You can easily fast forward, pause, and rewind while viewing these recorded programs. The quick fast forward allows you to easily skip through commercials saving precious time. Many DVRs have more than one TV tuner so you can record multiple programs at once.
Girl: Hey, I have to be home soon so I can watch America's Got Talent from 9 to 11pm.

Guy: You need to get a DVR girl, and watch it when you want! Nobody in their right mind sits for 2 hours and puts up with all those commercials anymore--and let's not forget the need to fast forward through some of those terrible acts!
by marksuniverse September 15, 2010
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Dick Vagina Ratio. It's the ratio of dicks to vaginas. Often used to describe a party. A bad DVR will mean there is a lot of guys and no many girls, meaning it's a pickle party or sausage feast. If the the DVR is good, then there's just as many or more girls for guys at the party, hence a good party.
Hey, are you at the party? How's the DVR?

The DVR at the party last night was pretty good.
by ChrisDizzowns October 18, 2007
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Diminished Vaginal Return-
noun. the act of consuming, portraying or exuding a characteristic that is unattractive or excessively feminine.
adjective. a quality that minimizes the possibility of the desired outcome for the evening leading to excessively tight/painful scrotum.
verb. consuming, portraying or exuding a characteristic that constitutes "dvr" label.
Kean ordered a blue martini or DVR drink, prompting his lovely little lady to put her knees closer together.
by Beach Bingers August 11, 2007
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one day, those portable writable dvr discs will rule the world
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The term DVR credit is the time earned when you pause or rewind live television on your DVR. You subsequently spend your DVR credit to fast forward through the commercials, or unwanted content.

DVR credit has a maximum value equal to the total time of the commercials/ unwanted content. If you record beyond this maximum value you’re just watching recorded television.

The term DVR credit was coined by early DVR adopters, from Chicago, IL.
"Dinner is ready, pause the game and we're earn DVR credit while we eat."

"Ok, lets spend some of our DVR credit and skip this crappy half time show."
by Machfast January 19, 2010
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When a midget sits on top of your TV and tells you all about a show you missed.
I need to set up my human DVR to record Brooklyn Nine Nine.
by Bvig33 February 14, 2014
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(n.) When you set an important episode (i.e. the season finale) of your favorite show to record for the hour it's on, only to realize later as you watch that the show actually went to 10:02 instead of 10, and you missed the last 2 plot-crucial minutes. This then results in the DVR user being very bummed out/depressed.

This can also happen if your DVR runs out of space and ends the recording early.
<Josh> Man, I'm so bummed out.
<Jackson> Why?
<Josh> I missed the last two minutes of the season finale of LOST last night. Did you happen to catch it?
<Jackson> No, man. Sounds like you'll just have to deal with a tough case of DVR depression.
by Ojsh Tzlu June 16, 2009
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