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The Bubble is a small tight knit group of friends who are loyal, always there and will use their combined talents to solve each others problems and generally make each other feel better. All the members of The Bubble (bubblees) tend to have some kind of social issue.

Becoming included in The Bubble is difficult and takes time. Bubblees are outwardly normal and will have other friends..... but not like the ones in The Bubble.

Bubblees accept that if they go to one other Bubblee with a problem, this can, and will, be shared with other members of The Bubble in order to find a solution.

The Bubble is a great source of support and an excellent place to be.
"Alright Dave?"
"No, something awful has happened"
"Don't panic, The Bubble will sort it together!"
by ani val April 06, 2012

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