Another name for the suburban city of Sugar Land, Texas.

Named for the fact that nothing happens there and we are a "sheltered" community. Move as soon as possible. (Kidding.)

"So, you live in Sugar Land, also known as the bubble..?"


"What do you do there?"


"Oh...I get it."
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The best. AKA The shit.
Used in the same way one would use "the shit". Remember that including "the" is key to this phrase.
"This restaurant is the bubbles!"
"Man, his house will be the bubbles once it gets fixed up!"
by HayyItsRay August 18, 2009
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The sheltered area of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. A well-off community that resents it's boring atmosphere. Although all residents are extremely lucky to live in such a prime location, many of the youth claim to hate living there. Used as a noun in place of Bloomfield Hills when one wishes to say how horrible their life is there.
"Thank god my mom is taking me out of The Bubble for spring break. I don't think I could handle another boring night."
by bloomfieldbubbler January 01, 2012
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having hiv/aids
you heard about big booty keisha...
she got the bubble.
by Countbass C August 21, 2003
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A room where people gather to party and to get high ,It holds the pot smoke in and keeps the cold out.
Biggz has The bubble in his garage and everyone is on their way over to get HIGH !!! and drunk
by Biggz March 17, 2005
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Where people from the park cities (i.e. University Park and Highland Park) live. There's everything you need in such a small area. It would be unfair to say most, but some people are naive and don't even know what the capital of Paris is.
You must be from the bubble if you don't even know what downtown Dallas looks like.
by parkie84 December 03, 2009
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