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A derogatory gesture derived from Suck-it (DgenerationX et. al.). To perform the 360 Suck-it, one must jump in the air, spin the full 2*pi radians and land while executing the characteristic crotch chop and yelling, "SUCK-IT!" Landing from the jump allows for the proper bending of the knees needed for proper crotch chop execution.

Optional: While yelling "SUCK-IT", it is characteristic to have the facial expression of one who is constipated. Also, it is seen favorably to make a "WHOOSH" sound while executing the 360 spin for added dramatic effect.

The 360 Suck-it has caught on at many fine scientific institutions including CERN, the MIT Chemistry Department and Middle-Schools around the nation.
Typical execution of The 360 Suck-it:

"What? The Large Hadron Collider is down again??!? Well you can... (spins 360) *WHOOSH* SUCKK-ITTTT!"
by WhaleHar July 10, 2009
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