The undertale fandom is a weird place not really cringe but not really perfect
Not Y/N: Hey bro I like the undertale fandom

Y/N: “That’s pretty gay bro”
by Ink is gay February 28, 2022
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a place where all the cringiest people can be found/hell
undertale fandom *ded
by ejim434157 March 27, 2018
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the cringiest fucking thing to ever exist
pros: sometimes has good theories about the storylines and endings
cons: cringey, likes to ship a probably 10 year old kid with an adult skeleton man thing across alternate universes, some alternative fan made universes are cursed and came from the 9th circle of hell
this fandom i dont reccomend joining
"the undertale fandom is giving me an internal sickness everytime i look at one of their ships/aus"
by זוהר הוא סימפ November 26, 2020
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The undertale fandom has two sides. It is either the worst fandom on earth or filled with some of the most talented people out there.
The bad side enjoys shipping children with skeleton monsters, shipping long dead children with that skeleton monster's brother even though they have never met and creating AUs for the sole purpose of s*xualising the characters, including the children
The good side has some really good animators, cosplayers and artists. People on this side of the fandom like talking about undertale and playing the game, and are also usually embarrassed and disgusted by the shipping side of the fandom. This side can include theorists who talk about who gaster is, sans's backstory and the True Lab among other things.
Person A: I love undertale
Person B: you're in the undertale fandom? thats kinda gross, man. sans is an adult and frisk is a child who has killed him, his friends and his family in previous timelines
Person A: Ew no i hate those fucking shippers bro
by c0nVinceD August 24, 2022
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The Undertale fandom is a diverse place, there's comics,animations, memes, remixes and fanart
A lot of brainlets assume that the entire fanbase is cringy, just because of the loud minority, that, A. get off the lewd images of skeletons, goats, fish, etc. , B. ship themselves with Sans (why Sans would never want to be with any of the fangirls, he'd definitely be filing restraining orders left right and center), C. unleash their annoying fanboy rants, with vulgar language, if someone dares say any slightest bit of criticism. I'm sure there's probably more examples, but I'm way too lazy to list any more...
Btw there's a majority of the Undertale fandom (or any fandom, for that matter) that aren't cringy, and just wanna show there amazing fanart, music, comics, whatever!
So the lesson is don't judge things to harshly. (I think that's what the lesson is, eh, whatever...)

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Scott: "Hey, man, wha'cha doing?"
Steve: "Nothing much, besides joining the Undertale fandom
Scott: "Ok..."
by Skelepun87(AKA:Dumbass) March 26, 2020
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