When one flaps his/her extremetities between another's persons extremetities in the effort to re-create a salmon flapping it's tail, IE, flapping your hand between a friend's elbow and chest, or between the legs..many types of salmon are possible, like using inanimate objects or utilizing the environment.
"Did you see the way John used the wall to salmon Jeff?, what an innovative salmon"

"Kyle got Pete with the salmon while he was on the phone!"
by Frostedflakes907 April 6, 2017
1.The act of a Fancy man running his hand over raw salmon in order to prepare it for additional action, usually involving application to a GIF, video, or meme image, for online media entertainment purposes. 2.The application of an image of a Fancy man rubbing salmon to a video/gif/meme/photo. Related: rubbing salmon.
Can you believe that Fancy guy on discord corrupting all those gifs and memes with his salmoning?
by MaryInMaryland71 January 9, 2021
A sight so bizarre you can only be sure that it is not salmon.
"What in gods name is that?!"
"Well, it's certainly Not Salmon."
by Jackie SSS January 16, 2015
Riding a bicycle against the intended flow of traffic in a bike lane. It is sometimes also used to refer to riding on the wrong side of the road (facing car traffic instead of with traffic). The term comes from salmon, which swim upstream as part of their life cycle.
Hey, that guy's riding the wrong way in the bike lane! Stop salmoning, dude!
by Pops Ritters July 16, 2018
The act of running up to a woman, releasing a large cloud of semen, yelling "release your eggs!", running away, and then dying.
Jake won't be in class tomorrow because he was involved in a deadly salmoning incident.
by Stephen "Salmon" Jones January 15, 2014
What a man calls the the colour of his jumper when he doesn't want to admit he's wearing pink.
"My jumpers not pink, it's salmon"
by Shegoes April 1, 2015
A giant, very thick, monster cock. Usually has a slight right curve. One similar to the one of famous artists and rapper “DaBaby”, would be a salmon dick.
“Ayooo i got that salmon!”
My lord, did anybody see DaBaby’s salmon get leaked?”
by Squ1ggles February 24, 2020