A school where the colour of your socks determines your success. Where teachers are only interested in their wages and not students safety. A place often mistaken for hell and where if “standards” are not met your a failure. Students often to scared to raise there hand in class in fear of embarrassment but never mind the teacher will pick on you instead. Also don’t forget if you don’t fit the trends of society your mocked at.
Teacher-“are they white socks
Student-“yeah is that a problem”
Teacher-“don’t answer back and yes they are a distraction to your peers”
Student-“but you asked a question so I answered”
Teacher-“pack up your things and go to the study room”
Now that’s the regis school
by Theregisschool December 16, 2020
a school where the male teachers use more make up then the female ones, and the teachers care more about what you wear than personal safety.
We work at the regis school, Lets stare at the pupils feet as they walk in and say it's because we are checking uniform, when secretly we have all have feet fetish's.
by TehRegisScool April 18, 2014
Where young people get violated and scared by certain bum-raping English teachers...
Person one - omg have you seen *that English teacher at the Regis school*'s youtube channel??!!
Person two - oml yeah!! I never want to go to *that English teacher at the Regis school*'s class again!!
Person one - shotgun not walking in first...
Person two - this is worse than the bee movie...I couldn't sleep for weeks after that...
by Dat boi with da dank memes December 12, 2016
The secret society of the world's future.

They know where Waldo is hiding.
Regis High School is legit.
by RAWR...IAMADINOSAUR May 11, 2010
The place where they train the future Evil rulers of the world.

They know what pi is. They just won't tell us.

They can talk to sheep.
Lex Luthor graduated from Regis High School.
by 748596 May 9, 2006
The school that makes you question not if you are sducidal, but if you have the energy to kill yourself (the answer is no)

The school in which student body might never feel a women’s touch, but at least will know every word in the dictionary.

The school in which no one ever gets bullied because no one’s self esteem can get any lower.

The school in which you will meet the best teachers you have ever had and meet some which make you question if they know how to read an email.

The school in which their debate team holds the smartest idiots on the planet.
Hey! Do you go to Regis High School?

Yes! I do in fact have no social life.
by What are names anyways? February 26, 2022
A prison that tricks parents to sending there kids there all hell is lose
I go to Regis middle school and it is hell
by Lmao2993 November 8, 2021