A gated entry-way outside East Brunswick High School in East Brunswick, New Jersey. While The Gate provides a way for walking students to enter school grounds, it also serves as an ideal location for students to smoke, making it impossible for cops to ticket them for smoking on school property. Every morning you will find a decent crowd, yet it tends to get larger after school. In terms of EBHS, the gate is located outside of "H-Hall" or the doors leading outside from the "Terminal" inbetween H-Hall and neighboring I-Hall. The Gate was the key location back when the Ginker kids were relevant in East Brunswick, yet while Ginkers are pretty much extinct, the Gate is still the place to go if you need to light up.
EB Kid 1: Yo homes you got a stoge?
EB Kid 2: Yeah, dude. I'll give it to you at the Gate after school.
EB Kid 1: Good Looks.
by A kid from EBNJ June 9, 2009
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Refers to the legal case in which Henry Louis Gates Jr, a Harvard Professor who teaches, among other topics, identity politics issues such as racial profiling accuses sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge police force, who himself teaches other Cambridge police officers about racial profiling and how to avoid it, of racial profiling when sergeant Crowley arrested Professor Gates for disorderly conduct on July 16th 2009.
Pete: What's up with that thing about that black Harvard professor accusing the white cop of racial profiling?

John: Ya I've seen it. It's Gates gate. It's all over the news. Now get your fat brown eye off the remote so I can watch Red Eye.
by Ur Daddie July 24, 2009
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Swedish melodic death metal band, disbanded in 1996 but still extremely influencial and often touted as one of the founding fathers of NWOSDM.

Tomas Lindberg : vocals
Anders Bjorler : guitars
Martin Larsson : guitars
Jonas Bjorler : bass
Adrian Erlandsson : drums

Former members:
Alf Svensson : guitars
Gesper Jarold : violin

Jonas, Anders and Adrien then went on to form The Haunted, whilst Tomas Lindberg has appeared on various works and was/is involved in The Crown, Lockup and Nightrage.

Tip; when searching for At the Gates on google, type + infront of at and the, and maybe "Swedish" after it or you get random crap about fencing.
by acid_lullaby September 1, 2004
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A suffix added onto a word to denote a scandal involving the base word. The suffix originated from the Watergate Complex in Washington, DC where the scandal leading to the resignation of President Nixon took place. Watergate, strangely enough, was not a scandal involving water.

Examples include Strippergate (one of several scandals involving politicians and strippers), Nipplegate (the wardrobe malfunction at Super Bowl XXXVIII), and Maidgate (Meg Whitman's illegal immigrant maid).
Bill Gates: "Sup dogg."
Steve Jobs: "Not much playa, just tryin' to keep it gangsta."
Bill Gates: "I think I'm going to put up a new gate at my house."
Steve Jobs: "Oooh scandalous!"
Bill Gates: "No, not really, it's just a gate, like a door in a fence."
Steve Jobs: "What kind of -gate? Are you going to hire illegal immigrants to build it? Are you going to paint 'Google is Microsoft's bitch' on it?"
Bill Gates: "No, no, just a regular old gate. Not a -gate as in a scandal."
Steve Jobs: "I can see it now: Gatesgategate! Just make sure you chiggity-check yo self before you wriggity-wreck yo self, sport."
Bill Gates: "Riiight..."
by Nicholas D April 4, 2011
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A Swedish melodic death metal band that was greatly influential to all melodic death metal bands that followed after them. Even the newer breed of trendy metalcore bands rip off At The Gates riffs that they heard on Slaughter Of The Soul. Recommended for fans of awesome music.
by watts911 July 30, 2008
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Used as a suffix to highlight the nature of certain controversial news and current affair stories. Based on the infamous Watergate scandal.
MasterChef embroiled in SatayGate scandal (headline from the Daily Telegraph, 9 July 2010)
by Quizmaster 85 July 9, 2010
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To lick out/ have finished licking out pussy.
"yeah i gated her last night" = yeah i licked her out last night
by merk spree January 1, 2010
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