A game where you start on a word then look for the words of the definition for the word that you started with. The game ends when you looked up all the words in the dictionary.
by TheWordSubmitter April 14, 2017
When your terribly bored so you go on urban dictionary.
The point of this game is to press the random button and read the definitions till you reach one that is sexual in anyway.
(Doesn't include insults or hotness)
If one is sexual then you must go back to the UrbanDictionary homepage and start again.
Points are counted for how many definitions you get before a sexual ones comes along.
'Im so bored....Lets play the Urban Dictionary Game.'
*go to UD*

*click random*

1.Puppy- cute fuzzy bundle of fuz
2.Black- a race
3.Using the banana- to have sex


*click homepage button*

*click random*

by KealPanda May 2, 2010
Writing your first name responses from Urban Dictionary onto the first comment space after you do a status of "Urban Dictionary Game" on Facebook or similar social networking site. Can paraphrase or such to make longer responses not take up a lot of extra spaces, and can do any response.
Chris - Urban Dictionary Game
Comment by Chris

A kid who is always up to party and have a good time
Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.

is a slang for huge cock
like incredibly huge.
oh man I wish I had a chris in me.

The man of my dreams, a man who is always happy never stops smiling, makes me feel as if I could fly, a man to spend the rest of my life with.
Have you met my chris he's the man of my dreams!
by The Giant Leprechaun February 4, 2010
The Urban Dictionary Game

A game played by 2 or more players, usually at sleepovers. The game is best with more players and players of both sexes.

Friends will search one of their names on the Urban Dictionary and then using the first page of results only, the other people will choose the best description that best describes their friend. The person being searched does not have a say in the definition chosen.

In the event of no definition being accurate or there not being a definition altogether the friends will write a description which must include at least one reference to anticipated sexual performance.
James, Rebecca, Jessie, Ben, Greg, Lucy and Jasmine are playing the Urban Dictionary Game

They search 'Ben' and they might choose that 'the awesomeist' is the best description. Ben has no say in the description chosen

They will then lookup Rebecca and decide that

'sexy, beautiful, good at making out, fun, hyper, first love'

is the best description. Rebecca has no say in the description chosen.

For Jasmine the friends might decide no description is accurate and write one themselves.
by ben-dubz February 14, 2013
Step 1: Go to any definition in Urban Dictionary.
Step 2: Click the first link, if none in the first definition, go to the next.
Step 3: If you end up with a definition with a link, see step 2. If not, see step 4.
Step 4: Click the first tag, see step 2
Step 5: If step 4 doesn't work, go the next tag.

After this is over, you should be at "the look," stuck in a loop.
If you end up anywhere else in a loop, make another definition of this game to include it.
by i'mtrumpandilovelasagna January 18, 2018
A game created by youtube Vlogger 'AdamSeesAll' where people need to guess the meanings of words on the urban dictionary website, until someone is drunk.
Guy 1: Dude do you remember playing the urban dictionary drinking game last night?

Guy 2: No

Guy 1: Yeah you fucking lost hard.
by AdamSeesAl August 16, 2011
Each time you see a definition containing the word "AMAZING",you take a drink. Game usually over in 10 minutes. NOTE: Game can be modified by changing key-word to awesome,fag,swag,<3 or any other word commonly used by the pre-teen set.
by wolfbait51 March 30, 2011