The time it takes for a really good movie you've just watched to become really good again. It usually takes about a week or two, and is dependent on the movie and person.
*Kyle watches the Back to the Future series all in a row*

Jared: Dude, Kyle you gotta come over and watch the Back to the Futures with me, they are so amazing!
Kyle: Nah dude, not really feelin' it, I just watched them yesterday, so they're on movie cooldown for me.
by BackToTheFuture69 February 4, 2010
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Having to wait 54 minutes between 72-minute viewings on Megavideo mirrors.
I should probably go check on the kids since I'm on Megavideo cooldown.
by One Hell of a White Rabbit December 5, 2010
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The period of time spanning a man's last orgasm, and the time when he will next be able to perform.
Guy 1: God the worst thing happened. I was coming out of the bathroom, when I saw Sheila half naked on the bed.
Guy 2: How is that bad?

Guy 1: I was still in my cooldown period!
by G-Mizzle December 8, 2006
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The amount of time after the last message sent in a facebook/MSN chat conversation before it's OK to log out without saying goodbye/g2g etc. It varies from person to person but usually ranges between 5-20 minutes.
Person 1: It's been 10 minutes since the last message I sent to Bob. You think that's enough chat cooldown?
Person 2: It's borderline...but Bob's a dick, so just log out.
by Random input June 30, 2011
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When you shove flaming hot cheetos snacks into a prosto's snatch
Last night I had some excess flaming hot cheetos snacks so I bought this prosto and gave her a Chester Cooldown
by Raymond Tribble III February 23, 2014
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When someone is listening to their ipod/ mp3 it tends to take them a while to snap back to reality
Mark: "Oi Jeff"
(no answer)
Mark: "Jeff!"
(Jeff is jamming out and so continues oblivious)
Mark- shakes shoulder, jeff turns and removes earphones
Mark: "Jeff you prick i'm trying to talk to you"
Jeff: "Chill chill" (takes deep breaths with far off look on his face
Cmiste: "Give the man his Ipod Reality Cooldown Mark"
Cmiste- turns to Viewer
Cmiste: "boom"
by Cmiste August 9, 2011
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When you're having sex and the person dies while you're doing it. You keep fucking and the dead person get's colder and colder as rigor mortis kicks in.
Guy 1: Awww man, I did the cooldown with Jenny yesterday, it was great!
Guy 2: I have to try that out with my girlfriend!
by Fluffy Psycho January 5, 2018
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