Having an overbearing amount of game. Capable of getting numerous amounts of girls to sleep with you.
Dude just act like the cog she will dig you.
by caseyc April 13, 2006
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Ah, the cog, aka the brain computer interface that puts Professor X to shame. It's like having a USB port in your head, but instead of transferring data, you're downloading superpowers. With a cog, you can control computers, machines, and even people with just a thought. It's like having telekinesis, but without all the heavy lifting. So, if you want to be a real-life Matrix-style badass, just plug in your cog.
by unkledadi April 8, 2023
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"Cogging" and its derivatives (cog, cogger) relate to the use(s) of the term "Pog" and their usage on the internet, namely Twitch chat. Cogging is the antithesis of pogging - it carries an overwhelmingly negative connotation with it. The Super Smash Bros. Melee scene has appropriated the terms and use them especially to describe a player's actions both in the game and in real life.

~To quickly describe "Pog/Pogging" (see Poggers also)~

To 'pog' in or out of game means to do something: hype, cool, crazy, etc. Essentially something one likes/appreciates. A person can "pog out" on somebody in-game, have a "pog" combo, or just be "pogging" in general.

Someone cogging (a cogger) is doing something that is generally viewed as annoying, disruptive, idiotic, or just generally disapproved of. Someone with a purely campy playstyle in Melee would be considered a cogger both by observable definition and virtue as a person. And, it's also important to distinguish the fact that a person can POG in-game yet COG miserably IRL. If you see your gamer friends cogging, as a friend it's your job to point it out to them.
"You didn't even EARN that win you lag-switch having bitch, that was the most cog combo- Fox is fucking broken"
"Dude I'm just trying to move around the stage and warm up, stop fucking COGGING and hitting me"
"Stephen, I don't give a fuck how late we kept you up last night quit cogging and take this shot"
"Wes is actually pogging so fucking hard right now but Hbox is just cogging over at ledge and won't even approach"
by Pkmn82 March 25, 2019
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Faceless, nameless, unimaginative office fucks who just toe the line.
Bob from accounting is the biggest cog, the only fun he ever has is deskorating Katie's work space. What a loser.
by lola8884 January 17, 2009
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Surreptitious acronym meaning "Consistent Orgasm Giver." More reliable and FAR more skilled than the famed 'booty call' or 'hookup,' less dangerous than 'friends with benefits,' more elegant and less mechanical than 'fuckbuddy.' A cog is the Holy Grail of dependable hook-ups. Use of this term is particularly useful as it is pretty fun to say, lessens the harshness of speaking 'orgasm' aloud in mixed company, and has the appropriate double entendre of 'cogs' in clocks that mesh well and therefore make everything run smoothly.
"It's getting kind-of late. Tryna go to bars?"
"Nah, think I'll just call my cog."

"You two have amazing chemistry! Is he your boyfriend?"
"Hell nah, he's my cog."
by IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow February 13, 2013
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prehaps short for (COGnitive enhancement) : Individual who abuses off-label nootropic (brain enhancing) drugs to boost performance on tests or at work in order to achieve superiority in a traditional, conformist way/venue. Does not apply to individuals who take nootropics (like adderall, modafinil) to treat nervous disorders (ADD, depression, etc.). 'Cog' contains both (1) the connotation of the 'cog in the gear', i.e., one of numerous faceless and subordinate drones in a large corporate enterprise/traditional educational setting (2) the connotation of 'cheating' to get ahead.
"Betsy must be a genius. She party's all the time and still gets A's." "No, she's just a cog. I saw a bottle of modafinil on her nightstand."

"John is sure to get that promotion. He worked til 3 a.m. everyday this month." "And the prick will probably get it. ABC Corp. loves cogs like him who are willing to fry their brains to get ahead."
by 2curious February 28, 2010
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