The middle of nowhere; nothing but trees and farms for miles around, maybe a house or two. Children wishing to trick-or-treat must travel 20-30 minutes to their nearest friend's neighborhood, thereby attributing to an overcrowding problem in suburban developments on Halloween
"Hey, wanna go to Billy's house? He just got a new trampoline."

"Nah, it's raining and he lives all the way out in the boonies. Let's just stay here and play Xbox."

"Word. Freedom Fighters rules! When's the sequel coming out?"

"Who knows man, Electronic Arts needs to get on that $hit."
by The Ryno June 1, 2009
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The sticks, in the middle of no where. Usually associated with living out in the country.
Man, I live out in the boonies. It takes an hour an a half to get to the nearest gas station.
by Shelteredashley. November 23, 2002
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American, colloquial word for wilderness or places in the middle of nowhere, far from any civilisation
by lingualtreasure June 3, 2009
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A party, with alcohol and sometimes drugs, held by underage teenagers way out in a remote desert area, where it's unlikely to attract the attention of the Sheriff's Department. Usually there is a bonfire for light and heat in cold weather. Synonym is "boondocker"; and "boonie" is a shortened version of the term "boondocker." These two terms are common in the southwestern United States, especially in Tucson, Ariz. "Boonie" and "boondocker" have been in use at least since the 1950s.
Man, I got wasted at that boonie last night.
by Clyde_the_Camel December 5, 2010
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A physical place that is isolated from the rest of civilization, including but not limited to bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. A good rule of thumb is a 30 minute trip by foot.
Jeez, Ami! My feet are killing me from this walk back from the bar. Move out of the boonies.
by runlikeamoose May 7, 2015
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when a person enters a stage in their life where the presence strikes amazement at anyone who gazes at them. It combines every positive word used in our urban language into one simple word. Booni is truly a comment worth getting from a person, for it is the only word that truly explains greatness.
Boy:"That kid is so booni!" *Gapes In Amazement*
Girl: *Passes Out*
by SuperNish August 3, 2011
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A person, generally going to be a jacked dude who works out every day and goes to the gym. Although he does that, he is most likely going to be a simp, going back to his ex even though she is below his league. He will also come out as gay and turns other people, including his Ex, gay.
Bro I want to start hitting the gym but I don’t wanna be a Boonis.
by Edgeworth Masked March 17, 2020
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