used to replace "so what?" in a harsher manner.
so... u own a condo & a ferrari, big fuck?
by Contributer3628 October 25, 2007
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The word i use in a stressful g a m i n g situation
*boss appears much bigger that i thought it'd be*

Me: oh god! Big fucks, yes i reapeate big fucks initiated, OH JESUS BIG FUCKS! BIIG FUUCKS!BIIIG FUUUCKS RUUUUUUUN!!!
by Buddyleaf1 January 3, 2020
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A Big Fucking Cock
John put his Big Fucking Cock inside his girlfriend.
by SpaceBearX August 2, 2018
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"This is a big fucking deal" ~ Joe Biden to Obama, on passing healthcare reform
by Lildubchefin March 24, 2010
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When you want something obscenely/aggravatingly large to fuck off because of its annoying existence or presence.
person 1 : "can you get the salt please"
person 2 : "no Johns big fuck off ego is in the way"


person 1 : "Why isn't the traffic moving"
person 2 : "Because that big fuck off truck crashed in the middle of the road"
by jamzyyyy January 15, 2019
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