A term with many uses. Originating in RoundRock Texas. (Stonypoint HS) Can be used to describe someone who's attempting to show off. Who is showing off, or is saying or doing something for the sake of trying to impress people.
p1-Why didn't you answer your phone?
p2-I was busy
p1-Oh, so you just think you got the big dick now that your on Varsity?
p2-its not even like that man.

Nick-Man I lifted 270 today.
Brad- Ok...Big dick Nick

by K.Rashid May 25, 2008
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A man named Richard who happens to be very large.
Richard: I am 200cm and 90kg!
Me: You are a big dick
by 32500 August 20, 2021
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The term "Big Dicking" is when someone's ego is a little too big and they think they're Mr. Tough guy or "the man". They are too big for their britches so to speak. One that is big dicking is going to act like a complete douche bag that thinks he can beat anyones ass when him himself is in fact a noodle are bitch. When you're big dicking you tend to be shit talking.
Vince: "I'll kick your ass you pussy, your small as hell"

Joe: "Just because you've hit the gym for two weeks doesn't mean you can kick my ass. Seriously, quit big dicking me man.
by Martymcflyy757 March 16, 2015
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