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trin best person ever

trin is one of the prettiest ppl ive ever seen, she's so cute. Aaron you're one lucky man. She's also MY (ash) wife and Muf's! Trin is also AMAZING at valorant!! Her dog Boba is also rlly cute so shoutout to Boba <33 ILYSM TRIN :))
Trintrin (aka best person ever)

Trinity is better than you (real)!

-trin : means that trinity is amazing-
by ilovesoobin October 1, 2021
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fourth gen leaders is used to describe boy group Tomorrow x Together as they are leading the fourth gen.
“Omg did you heart about TXT outselling the whole world
Duh they are the fourth generation leaders”
by ilovesoobin July 28, 2021
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