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The Wraith are a vampiric hive-based species that harvest the 'life-force' of other humanoid beings for nourishment through suckers on their palms. Countless worlds in the Pegasus galaxy live in constant fear of the Wraith, who return periodically to cull their human herds.
"The Wraith allow our kind to grow in numbers, and when that number reaches a certain point they return to cull their human herd. Sometimes a few hundred years will pass before they awaken again. We've visited many, many worlds -- I know of none untouched by the Wraith."

Teyla Emmagan
by AntICP March 19, 2010
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"A presence can be felt by those who have followed thy saga as told by the Insane Clown Posse. It is a presence that is synonymous with thy crumbling of time itself. Thus emerges a being so powerful that he can exist between both the land of the living, and that of the dead. He goes by many names but is known to thy living only as the Wraith. He walks upon worlds forgotten, and descends from Heavens; fade into gray to witness thy death of all mortal things, so that he may guide thy departed upon thy path that they have chosen. Only now will we truly understand thy meaning of thy saga, for this saga all along, each Jokers Card, is actually none other than... thy echo of our lives.
The Wraith guides the departed to the path they have chosen.
by Amy December 05, 2003
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the end of the world for all you fuckers, when the 2nd half the 6th jokers card comes out YA"LL AH FUCKEd , better be down or when shangri LAH comes to ya you fucked
MCL MCL MCL much clown love for those down with the fuckin wraith
by harry nedden July 27, 2003
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