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When someone asked the question "Guess What?" and someone replies "What?" Then the person who asked the question says "You're in the when!"

The affect is like Jinx. However the person who replies with "What?" Can't speak until someone says their full name.
Paul guess what?


You're in the when

by Fairone May 3, 2019
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me the when the when is the is the when the when
person 1:"do u is am yes"
person2:"me when the when"
by me nub May 1, 2021
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by CassyBoi May 14, 2021
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When The
When The
by InaudibleJet May 17, 2020
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The kiwi classic when is what you say to someone when they start telling a story or inform you about something when you havent asked.. when is commonlying followed with "did I ask?"
Jeff:"did you know that I got an A+ in my test...
Jeff:"last week"
Ronald:"did I ask"

Jeff:"did you know that I got an A+ in my test...
Ronald:"when did i ask"
by WhenDidIAsk June 21, 2017
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