A quaint restaurant and arcade that serves cheap food with coffee and never closes. Bitchy waitresses cater to the dichotomy or people ranging from truckers to polo popping snobs.
New Trainsit Truck Stop off of Vetrans Highway
by Ben Meredith "Gunch" July 12, 2005
Visiting a truck stop restroom to use the facility and agreeing to be rectally violated by a big, burly trucker.
Dan: Hey Joe. What's with Steve? He seems a little dazed since you all got back from your road trip. And he's walking funny.

Joe: Ask him what happen braaaahhhh. We stopped to piss just outside of Chattanooga and after I left, he wound up getting truck stopped by some trucker named Carl for gas money.
by Eaton Holgoode September 26, 2015
This can range from anything from a simple roadside diner to a mega-gas station. Usually located in rural areas and referred to by locals as the best place to get a decent cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. A good truck stop not only offers coffee or meals, but also a great place that sells souvenirs and trinkets of the local area. Some even offer internet access and showers. Seedier truck stops offer lot lizards (prostitutes) as well.
Gawd, this truck stop has the best, creamiest coffee!
by Elmer the Fudpucker January 11, 2012
a)A little roadside hole in the wall where the strangling odor of trucker poop mingles with cigarette smoke. The rest rooms are right at the entrance so you get a good whiff and lose your appetite.

b) Having to take a crap "I gotta go to the truck stop."
"Can you turn at this next exit? There is a truck stop and I gotta go make the brown rumble."
by Master of the factory January 22, 2007
When two men meet at a truck stop and engage in gay sexual acts. Including but not limited to blow jobs, anal, rimming, etc.
Hank: Hey Bill You going truck stopping tonight?

Bill: Ah I just might I haven't had some good mangina in while.
by bluejob August 17, 2008
Basically, to use the trucks of your skateboard to hit someone.

Carth: I asked Bam Margera for his autograph, but he decided to be an ass and truck stop me instead...I still have the bruise.
Talan: Dude, I truck stopped this whore at the skatepark yesterday cause she was blocking the quarter-pipe.
by Aster Wind March 21, 2007
a place where dudes blow other dudes
That homo Arnie is late again because he stopped by his favorite stall at the truck stop!!
by Daish May 24, 2008