Where you extend the foreskin of your nutsack to form a "trampoline" and you bounce your penis off it creating the effect of a trampoline.
Guy 1: Hey dude, check this out
Guy 2: Ohhhh man... wtf
by Weak Saucer November 7, 2007
A piece of equipment that you jump on and do many tricks on like Front Flips and Back Drops.. Etc
Guess what, I did a front flip on my trampoline yesterday!
by C.P August 17, 2006
The actof a girl riding a guy but bouncing up and down on his cock. WARNING: If the cock slips out of place, prepare for pain.
That girl was unusually hyper last night and was doing a trampoline on me! Shit nigga!
by Tom Sroka October 27, 2007
Something that SNL made up: Boys sit on a one story roof, while a girl jumps up and down on a trampoline and gives him head while she's in the air. When a girl has trampolined 10 guys, she gets a Silly band
did you see SNL last night, with the skit with the trampolining and souping? we should do that
by SarafinaImelza December 26, 2011
(v.) the act of holding a shirt over ones genitals whilst whipping one's hips and external genitalia in the direction of said shirt, thereby creating the effect in the shirt that is seen on the underside of a trampoline when teenagers jump on it
Jeph, in a celebratory action, pulled down his pants, held his Chrebet jersey taught over his genitalia, trampolining it in front of everyone watching the game.
by Poundtowner January 18, 2010
A male sexual display;

The act of stretching one's scrotal skin out with two hands - using thumb and forefinger - parallel to a primary surface (i.e. a bed or floor) until smooth, with the penis resting on top, utilizing the grip and taut skin to move the scrotum up and down at various speeds to have the penis bounce off of it continuously.
tram·po·line Noun /ˈtrampəˌlēn/

tram·po·line Verb /ˈtrampəˌlēn/

trampolined (past tense); trampolined (past participle); trampolines (3rd person singular present); trampolining (present participle); "Trampoline Dick"; "Trampoline Cock"; "The Trampoline"; "The Bounce"

Usage Example:
"I ran out of tricks once I actually got her in bed, so I just showed her The Trampoline and bounced my way back into her heart and right between her legs."
by Brandan Darren December 17, 2010
A male sits on the roof of a one story house while receiving oral sex from a female jumping on a trampoline. When a female trampolines 10 males she receives a bracelet. Alas, the silly band was formed.
She was just trampolining Colton!

No wonder she has so many fluffy dolphins!
by SamF104 December 26, 2011