used excessively in the online poker community, meaning many, lots of, several, countless, etc etc (insert any synonym of your choice)
Fish: I was like so crushed in that hand!
Shark: No, you actually had a ton of outs!

Shark: Watching those poker videos has helped me a ton!

Shark: You don't have a ton of equity with 98s you fish!
by minraiselol June 27, 2011
Cockney background (Way of speaking in London), Means One Hundred GBP (pounds)
by Lissy November 1, 2004
A FAT ASS such a large piece of shit that cant fit through dorways
by SHORTY May 22, 2003
Acronym for "the office nigger", the lone afro / carribean individual in a work environment dominated by caucasians(honkies)
look at ton over there, he needs to get some dress sense and stop wearing silly hats and wear some proper clothes like us honkies
by davethejag July 13, 2010
An abbreviation for town usually used in text messaging or msn by people who are so lazy that they can't even put in an extra letter.
Lazy Guy(via text):"Hey do u wana go 2 ton today"

Grammer obsessed friend(via text):"In future please refrain from using such vulgur abbreviations and yes it would please me to visit town with you today."
by Random Guy 217 September 12, 2009
The infinite quantity of love one can have and/or express for another.
"I thought you said you couldn't measure love.".."You can in tons.".."BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!"

"Fucking hell Dane, I love you tons!"
by giggitty goooo March 19, 2007
the amount jake paul weighs because he's fat.
guy#1: dude look at that fag jake paul over there!\
guy#2:yeah man he must weigh a ton!
by doge kid February 19, 2020