Ordering enough drinks at last call to cover your entire table.
When they said last call at 1:45, the Horny Fredos ordered their patented "The Tablecloth" round and the waitress was in shock but she obliged and the party went to another level.
by jsgbeast3 September 27, 2010
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(n) used to cover a nice table so food doesn't get on it while you eat; found often in family homes, but rarely in dorms or frat houses
Fratboy Matt: Hey, get the tablecloth and set the table, I got a pizza!
Fratboy Sam: We don't have a table cloth, we'll just use alot of napkins.
by Matt Pryor March 20, 2005
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Slang for the goverment. It's not normally used in a positive tense. Used in the System of a Down song "BYOB"
They feed us lies from the tablecloth!
by ApathyOhMe May 22, 2005
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When you don’t listen to what someone is saying and the first thing that pops into your head is “tablecloth
by Tyler Hudson FBF January 26, 2018
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A performance move, used to show off in an extremem game of Jenga. It involves the bottom layer only having one block in the middle left, which is usually early on in the game. It is advised that there is a full layer of three blocks above the lower piece.

The player must grab said base block, and yank it out the stack as fast as physically possible, in order to keep the stack stable and avoid tippage. Unless you are a certified Extreme Jenga Player™, this move is not recommended.

Uusally the result of this move is amazement from other players along with shouts of 'OH MY GOD', especially when done out of the blue. This also leaves an unstable pile, making your game of Extreme Jenga™ that little bit more extreme.
*pulls piece*
All: "Oh my god! He did a tablecloth!"
*smug look*
by Phil Beveridge September 12, 2006
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The Toledo Tablecloth is primarily used to score revenge or payback and is similar to a Texas Doily. The Toledo Tablecloth is best deployed over an end table or other small decorative table. Once deployed, a rapid exit from the location where it has been laid should be made so as to leave the tablecloth behind for furture discovery.

To create The Toledo Tablecloth, an individual must shit their grunders, aka underware intentionally, or use grunders that have significant skid marks, mud tracks or shit stains. To create the "tablecloth", take the underware off and turn them inside out making it a point to retain as much fecal matter as possible. Next, stretch the waistband opening around the edges of an end table or other small decorative table and pulling the band down the sides. Fold the legs of the underware over to the side so as to cover any exposed top of the table. Be sure to leave the shart stain as close to the middle of the table top as possible. Center as best as possible. Leave quickly for discovery by others.
Unfortunately, Roger got off from work early and decided to drop by his girlfriend Mary Ann's house and surprise her. To Roger's dismay, he crept in only to find Mary Ann having sex with her neighbor Carl. Roger walked in just as Carl was diggning in the garden. Rather than becoming enraged, Roger did not disrupt their doggie style play and left the room. He copped a squat in the living room and laid a fresh, wet shart in his grunders. He then created The Toledo Tablecloth on Mary Ann's brand new Rooms To Go end table. He quickly left the house so he could clean up his sticky crack corn at a nearby 7-11.
by Eaton Holgoode February 20, 2014
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indicates that a person is uncomfortable with being sexualised; used as a symbol of annoyance and a plea to not view every action of the person with a hypersexualised lens
Jasmine wanted to put an end to the sexualisation she faced at her workplace, so she made a statement by covering her desk with an orange tablecloth.
by raconteur May 16, 2020
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