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A type of pick up move to determine if a woman will sleep with you or not.

The male must swipe his finger underneath the womans nose. Little does she know, his finger has just been in his butt.
Max: I think this girl wants to sleep with me

Neville: How do you know?

Max: I just did the swipe and she responded well!
by dorasenemy September 12, 2009
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A type of haircut that is given to boys, but could be given to a girl, is defined as bangs that go over only ONE eye at a 45 degree angle.
see conor oberst the swipe.
by michael strothman June 22, 2006
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First Perform The Hotdog In A Bun, Then Have The Female Slowly Stand Until The Male's Erection "Swipes" Her Vagina
Man 1: Man, I Swiped My Wife Last Night.
Man 2: Your So Lucky, I Only Got To The Hotdog In A Bun, If Only I Could Get Her To Try The Swipe...
by GreyHyde December 25, 2010
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