Legends say they call him "The Stallion." He was the greatest. No man can compare to him. They say his name is Hank. They say he could have sex for 24 hours straight and not get tired. They say he can do 400 push-ups straight, then do more after. Words cannot describe him. Some call him a God hidden in the real world. A world that has sexy women.
Kevin: YO is that "The Stallion!?!??"
Tony: Hell yea that is!
Devin: Damn his triceps are huge!
Alondra: I want his cock.
by Hank the dick August 25, 2010
A fit endowed guy who fucks happily-married wives and girlfriends with the husbands' and boyfriends' permission, but without the bi-play or humiliation of the other man that bulls typically engage in.
My boyfriend found a stallion to join us in making my DP fantasy come true.
by SecretPlayWife July 19, 2017
A male who is able to conduct sexual intercourse for hours on end. Not necessarily hung like a horse, but he knows how to give a girl the ride of her life. He laughs at Viagra commercials, especially the part about a 4 hour erection being a bad thing.
"Thanks, Honey, for letting us use your room the other night. We had a great time."
"Well, I know you had a good time, you Stallion, we could hear you giving it to her all night!"
by gspdave May 3, 2008
A fine woman, that's thick in all the right places, strong physically and mentally)
Man, look at that stallion ova there, I would ride that all night
by sweetpisce026 October 27, 2009
A term highlighted by Megan thee stallion meaning a woman that is tall and fine (5'7 and over).
"Damn, wassup mama you fine you a stallion!"
by theestalli May 20, 2019
A very sexy man who is amazing at sex.
God, Jack, you were such a stallion last night.
by berlis April 20, 2007
Stallion can also be referred to attractive tall women it mostly came from Houston Texas in the south
by Amatie May 18, 2019