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The Simba is done by completing the following steps:

1. Guy cums on girls face (must get some on is essential)
2. Guy reaches out and smears the cum across said girls forehead while saying SIIIIIIMMMMMMBBBBBAAAAAA in a long, drawn out manner.

As you can easily tell this is a favorite of many, many girls...especially those girls known as cum sluts, chicken heads, etc.

(Bonus points if you dress in a Rafiki costume while doing this.)
Kim and George were having sex in the bathroom stall when George thought it would be funny to pull the Simba.
by asshole frat guy November 02, 2007
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When you finger a girl on her period and wipe it on her forehead in a slow African style
by Jaanaspy November 25, 2015
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When you cum on her forehead and you take your thumb and drag it across that bitch while saying “Simba” and to take it to the next level you play “circle of life” in the background
“Hey baby I’m about to do The Simba the shut out of you so it might get weird , but don’t freak
by o0Baby-Daddy0o June 09, 2018
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This is when during intercourse, the dominant male ejaculates onto the submissive female's face. Then with his thumb, rubs the semen over her forehead while saying, (in a very slow, deep and creepy voice) SIIIIMMMMBAAAAAA.
Guy 1 : Hey Vince, did you ever hook up with Nauzli yet?
Guy 2: Yeah dude, I totally pulled THE SIMBA on her last night.
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A sexual act that imitates a scene in the lion king where while during sex, the male will pull out and ejaculate into his hand, than wipe it over his mates forehead like Moofiki did to the baby Simba with some fruit extract.
Seth was about to cum when we quickly pulled out and preformed The Simba all over Sarah's forehead.
by Robsky February 21, 2006
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When a girl spanks your ass so you look like rafiki, while you wipe your jizz across her forehead with your thumb as you say "simba..."
"Yo bro how'd it go with that girl last night?"
"That bitch was wild I gave her the simba, she's the new lion king lol"
by the simbanator August 22, 2011
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Could be done through masturbation or intercourse with your partner. When your about to climax, you aim your cock at your/your partners face and let your load loose on your/your partners forehead. Then take your thumb and smear the semen around creating an African symbol, representing the opening scene of the Lion King
My friend Beta told me how we went to visit family in Colorado and he Simba'd a Black Women. It was his first time using The Simba technique
by Smokey1726 October 13, 2011
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