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The Shrimp is a new style of dance requiring at least 3 people roughly imitating the movement of a shrimp and its extremities.

Can be used as verb "Shrimping".

First seen in on youtube at /watch?v=8wVgURuI33U

Originated in Rhode Island.
Person 1: "Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake are way too overdone."
Person 2: "Have you heard about The Shrimp? It's awesome!"
by TheShrimpMaster May 03, 2013
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When a guy jerks off in fetus position and ejaculates in his own mouth.
Ashley is really gross.. He did the shrimp infront of everyone. He said it was no big deal.
by KrazyKane May 17, 2009
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me="I got a pile of gow for real cheap last night"
friend="thats the shrimp"
friend2="wait till you smoke some man it's the shrimp"
by Matt(MBW) May 25, 2006
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