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The most IN LOVE and cutest damm cuple in the universe made up of too sexy people. Robin is a girl with the power and the body who can do any thing..she is like SUPER-Robin with her home runs in softball and her grades. Most of Patrick's friends know him by P.J. for Patrick Justin, but others just call him "Olympian" (because of his bad ass mo fo weight lifting skills), or "sexy beast" (because he is one!). Together, this cuple is unstoppable and irresistably gorgeous. You will definately see them in the future, always together and inseperable.
"Damm they're fine as hell, and amazingly intelligent, and i can't keep my eyes off those two, they're so in love it's contagious...they must be The Schmidts"
by Beautyfoxx June 04, 2009
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