A shitty cold chicken sandwich shop. Usually uses some variation of chicken salad minus the mayo.
God help me please, I ate at Roost for lunch.
Ahhh!!! I feel like I just ate diarrhea...No sir you just had Roost.
Who the fuck keeps the Roost?...I think their only investor is a guy named Thramer.
by Kyle Hartley July 19, 2008
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The cafe in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Buy coffee there, and comment on it's taste. 200 bells. Done.
Did you try The Roost's new 'Pigeon Blend'?
by Javado Beckett February 11, 2008
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To spend a long time sitting on the toilet.
Marcus likes to eat Mexican food and then roost in the upstairs bathroom for an hour or two.
by RunningFool May 16, 2006
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to sit on the toilet for an extended amount of time
That roost was so long that I read two more chapters out of this book.
by T&A May 12, 2006
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To throw dirt on people after you pass them on your dirt bike or any motor vehicle
My klx140 just roosted on chase bowen while he was eating fried krispy kremes
by Mult January 22, 2015
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Mika: Yo, my rooster Becky just roosted! I'm so excited!
Juelisa: Congratulations!
by Jujifruit22 October 24, 2019
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Past tense of the verb "to roost". The act of basking another vehicle or person in mud, crud, or debris of some sort, by using your rear wheels and harsh acceleration.
That prick roosted me while my window was down
by 4x4king October 29, 2008
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