Background information, blackmail, and/or "proof" obtained from stalking someone extensively on social media.
Jen: So his new girlfriend had a baby that just magically disappeared.
Kim: How do you know that?

Jen: I went back 450 days on her insta... I have the receipts.
by Just Curly September 3, 2016
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proof or evidence when there is tea getting spilled.
receipts can be tweets, texts, or any physical proof of something.
"how do you know that he's cheating on me?"
"hun i got all the receipts'
by etetetetetetet October 17, 2018
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Evidence or proof. Often in the form of screenshots or saved snaps.
Emma: Bitch where the fuck did she say she was going
Sophie: Pull up them receipts
by PhoodoVoodoVaVaVoom November 22, 2016
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1. To disbelive something so much that some kind of hard evidence is required.
2. To be so frustrated by a social situation that you wish there was some kind of red tape to guide it with.
Origin- Whitney Houston's Diane Sawyer interview, where Whitney requests Diane provide reciepts for her allegation of over $100,000 Crack Cocaine purchases.
1a. "Miss Whitney does not do crack, o.k.! Crack is for poor people! I want you to show me the receipts Diane, Show Me The Receipts!"
1b. Carl,"I met Johnny Depp last night at the Green Mill and we sat up drinking and screwing hookers till dawn!"
Tad, "Receipts Carl, receipts."
2. Wancy, "They're waiting for us down at Friends, we've got to leave now. Guy's, Guy's, is anyone listening to me? We have to go or they'll all be drunk as shit when we get there... (muttering dejectedly) receipts..."
by Krazy-K September 7, 2005
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Evidence or proof. Often in the form of screenshots or saved snaps.
Emma Blackery:Don't you try coming for me
Cause I'm the bitch who keeps her receipts
by ToboTron March 18, 2018
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Physical or definitive proof of a person's claims

Primarily used in informal situations of interpersonal disputes and drama among friends, family, and other people known from informal situations.
You can't pin this on me, I got receipts!
by mazeltovcocktail May 18, 2019
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A statement, action, or both that is so goddamn disbelievable that you need to see physical proof. They can come in the form of screenshots or videos.
Leah-“Sarah told me that James and his cousin had sex and now they both have herpes.
Lola-“girl you lying! Pull them Receipts!”
by turkeysandwhich12 July 11, 2017
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