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That spooky ass shit you find on the internet. It features this little white motherfucker who stalks people and then attacks when they get curious and see it.
Oh shit, I think that was the rake. I'm fucked...
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by Fasteroid March 17, 2016
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mysterious creatures by the name of rakes because they are obsessed with the metal rusty part. They also look like salad fingers
I saw one of the rakes with mine.
by Written words March 27, 2016
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This is a monster which runs on all fours. It is supposed to be an alien looking thing
YOOOO! I just saw the rake over there! RUN
by squadsquadyt August 06, 2019
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A slender, humanoid monstrosity said to life in the woods. It is notable for having no obvious intension upon arrival, however usually people who encounter it seems to be cursed from that point on.

Basically an alternate Slender man, with less suit and more face. Still creepy as hell.
The Rake seems to reside where he isn't expected... Like your bed.
by Starguide August 10, 2016
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A Mysterious Super Hero Who sneaks around in the night when he comes upon an un suspecting victim yells "FUCK YOU WITH A RAKE" and proceeds to do such
"dude i was walking around last night and i got Raked"
"yah man that huy the rake is everywhere"
by THE RAKE!!!! September 09, 2009
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Shaneefa: "Yo Cube I need to get my hair done and my nails done...can I have $900?"
Cube: "Bitch you are such a fucking rake. Suck my dick."
by Nick D February 15, 2003
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