You and your accomplice head to wall-mart to get some beers. The accomplice goes inside alone and purchases a case of Dos at the electronics register. He then walks out and hands you the receipt in the car. Now the driver walks in and grabs the EXACT same thing. The driver needs to exit through the door opposite of his accomplice. If the driver is asked for his receipt he simply just pulls it out. Do not over think this; remember-> you already bought the beer.
Take note: This must be a timely process. Keep it under 10 minutes.
Me and Nick just did The Philly fake-out. Now we have twice as much beer at no extra cost!
by lemonade14 December 31, 2011
When you're getting a girl from behind and you pull out and spit on her back to make her think you just shot your load, then when she rolls over, jump up and shoot it on her face.
"You totally fell for my Philly Fake Out!"
by Anonymous April 9, 2003
When a Male is having sexual intercourse with a female from the doggy style position, while the male proceeds to pull out from the Vagina or Anus, spits on the females back, and as the female turns her head around thinking the male has already ejaculated the male ejaculates all over the females face.
Lucianna got extremely mad at Kent for doing the philly fake out on her, and making her have a red eye.
by themainman12 May 20, 2009
When a guy is fucking a girl from behind, pulls out his penis and spits on the girls back, and when the girl turns over on her back then the guy nuts in her eye
I philly faked out your mom last night when i came over
by Spicy December 27, 2002
While doing some bitch from behind, you pull out and spit on her back. When she turns around and says "That's all you got?!?!?!" you shoot cum all over her face. That fucking bitch.
That bitch gave me grief all night, so I gave her a phillie fake out.
by Rumpus April 4, 2003
After anal sex, before ejaculation when the male spits on females back simulating the release of sperm, when the female turns around , the male busts his load in her face.
I heard grabins mom got faked out philly style the other night.
by JIM/JON March 19, 2003
Doing a guy/girl in from behind.. you spit on her back when shes the person turns around you blow it in thier face.
Damn... last night I gave your old lady a Philly fake out.
by robbie September 30, 2003