Will always be known as the team with the best fans. Given a second chance, they will shock you with the biggest comeback yet. Carson Wentz leads the team to victory. Their fans will go to every game no matter where it is. Games are celebrated with Monday morning Dunkin' donut runs and the best eagles jersey you have.
person 1: Woah did you watch the The Philadelphia Eagles game last night?
person 2: Yeah they totally killed it. Lets go get Dunkin
by Philly Eagles December 21, 2017
The World Champion Philadelphia Eagles are the reigning Super Bowl Champions after beating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 on 2/4/18 . This talented team is owned by Jeff Lurie, coached by Doug Pederson and managed by GM Howie Roseman. MVP of the game was backup Quarterback Nick Foles who took over for injured Franchise Quarterback Carson Wentz.
The World Champion Philadelphia Eagles made Super Bowl history with a trick play called the "Philly Special "
by Phillygirl11 May 21, 2018
the football team of philadelphia that is the glue that holds the city together. Lead by Coach Andy Reid, the eagles have shown that they are not completely dependent on T.O.( the peice of crap that he is) or mcnabb (the injury prone amazing quarterback) and have been able to make it to the playoffs without both of these players, which no one said they would do.

and to everyone who says that the eagles are just a bunch of chokers in the NFC championship...was your team even there to lose it?

they also have to best fight song and chant, which you will hear at any philadelphia sporting event, not just football, yea we just have

T.O.- I'm glad i am no longer a player for the philadelphia eagles.

Reporter- Thats funny, T.O., cause I think they beat you twice this year. I think it more like philadelphia is glad your not an eagle.

T.O.- (says nothing because he doesn't have a comeback because you can't fight the truth.)
by mwphilly March 30, 2007
despite always being good, they've never won a super bowl; home of McNabb
by Sports Freak October 16, 2003
Desperate NFL football franchise that embarks on a yearly pilgrimage to "almost, but not quite good enough." From T.O. to the dog-fighter who introduces himself to women as Ron Mexico, there isn't a scumbag this team isn't willing to sell its soul to in its effort to finally win a Superbowl. Of course, like all other NFL teams, its player collection of ignorant, arrogant malcontents mirrors the city it represents. A team that has always been and will always be green with envy of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
When I sit down to watch tabloid television, I usually tune in to the Philadelphia Eagles game, because although I know I'm about to watch a bunch of losers, I also know I just might see a pretty funny train wreck as well.

Eagle fan: My team is the greatest ever; we win games!
Steeler fan: Are you high? Every team "wins games," but the Steelers win Superbowls and lots of them!!!
Eagles fan: Oh really, we beat the Cowboys that year you guys lost to them in the Superbowl.
Steelers fan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha; typical dumbass Eagle fan retort. Just plain sad!!!
by Fraud Exposer August 19, 2009
An awesome team that didn't actually get their asses kicked in Super Bowl XXXIX as arturo rosas says. They lost 24-21 on a last minute field goal, the way in which the Patriots always win.
The Philadelphia Eagles came up short, but they will be back...
by Harrier233 January 15, 2006
The NFC Champions that just owned Scaldo and MJs face by beating the Atlanta Falcons and getting into the Superbowl while the Pittsburgh Steelers got owned by the New England Patriots.
"Reporter: It's pandamonium down on the field as the Eagles has just earned the right to represent the NFC in the Superbowl!

Reporter: In other news, RoethlisJewnoseBerger just choked and was destroyed by the New England Patriots. MJ and Scaldo from UrbanDictionary.com have thusly been owned in their face.

Back to you Steve."
by pwned January 24, 2005