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n: A act passed by the United states congress to give the federal government a carte blanche to walk all over the constitution like it's a doormat.
Thanks to the Patriot act, the bill of rights hold about as much depth as Tori Spelling's acting skill.
by LordKOTL March 17, 2005

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A beshemoth is a large, tall woman that is built like a brick shithouse. The feminine verson of "behemoth".


A woman of that stature that behaves like she was subjected to an unwanted chili-powder enema.
I was trying to get into the bathroom at the concert but the beshemoth of a security guard was blocking it!!!!
by LordKOTL February 21, 2005

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A record player player
~(to a DJ)"What do you do?"
~"I'm a musician--I's a DJ"
~"You're not a musician, you're a music thief--you're a record player player!!!"

(special thanks to Henry Rollins)
by LordKOTL October 26, 2005

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