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A Memetic SCP Agent an ex-government, schizophrenic, NEET, with a large pepe the frog face tattoo who has been chosen to fight our cabal elite whilst ushering in a new era of prosperity spiritually and economically, through the use of /biz/ and /x/, follow keks chosen path as delivered by the ayys
The Nobody is ultra woke, this guy takes pills for breakfast and takes brocolli for brunch
by Alien0 October 12, 2019
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The fact that you just looked up what "nobody" means tells me you are the dumbest nobody who has ever lived.
by Yopmail User August 16, 2022
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The most unfunny meme format possible, commonly used by Instagrammers.
Me: Hey John, what's your favorite meme format?
John: The "Nobody:" format.
Me: *kills that bitch*
by frikkkkker May 6, 2020
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Nobody is special lmfao
I am nobody. Nobody is special, handsom , long dicked, and is a god at among us
by pseudonym ツ October 26, 2020
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I thought she would always be that special somebody, but she ended up being a nobody.
by Light Joker July 28, 2005
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A very unusual enemy in the game Kingdom Hearts II. They are the hollow cases of strong people who became Heartless. The strength, however, is not physically, but mentally and emotionally.
"Oh my God! Sora's Nobody is Roxas!?"
by Roxas' Nobody... December 6, 2008
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