Smokin dank, hell of cutty in the school bathroom stalls!
Jonny: Ahh man class was boring as fuck. I dont think I can stand my next class if Im not in an altered state of mind

Roni: Dude just go pull a Nicole in the 200 hall bathroom.

Jonny: Yeah the nicole!!!
by thejonnyfish November 18, 2006
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A flirtation move-

When you flirt with someone and everything is going well until you are ready to start dating and the person you flirt with backs off even if they like you back
Hey dude, I hit it off with this girl yesterday and she totally did The Nicole move on me, haven’t heard from her since
by The legendary me February 16, 2019
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My best friend
My other half
My bestay

My sister 🥺

Nicole is the most loyal person living. She will never leave you, she's very funny and has a great sense of humour. She will always be there when you need her.

If you are besties with Nicole, means that she trusts you to the fullest. She will know if you are lying and she is very truthful, when she says the truth she doesn't mean to offend you at all.

She will share everything with you. She expects you to do the same. She's insecure but beautiful.

Thats mah bestie ^^^^
Person 1: Nicole is so pretty
Person 2: Yeah! She's so funny

Person 1: she's mine 🤬
*They fight LOL*
by ella.mmaa May 26, 2021
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Basically a goddess. No other girl can give her competition. Extremely attractive, smart, funny and an amazing person in every aspect.
"I fell in love with a Nicolle "
by I_wonder-who October 25, 2017
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A Nicole is very strong mentally, nothing or no one can get to her. She is capable of doing anything she puts her heart into. Not only is she intelligent but is gorgeous, even though she doesn’t believe it. She gets compliments about her looks often. A Nicole is also the bestest friend, she will always have your back and she makes friends easily. She doesn’t need popularity as she runs away from fake friends.
I want to be Nicole, she is the definition of beauty and brains.
by Londongirl October 22, 2019
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Nicole is a funny person who can make you laugh all day.she is nice,sweet,outgoing and amazing.She is a awesome and incredible friend.Lastly,she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions about her
Nicole is my best friend
by Harlette cruz May 5, 2019
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One of the kindest, most caring people to walk the earth. Beautiful on the inside and out. She's extremely good at cooking and has the creative passion to make even Shakespeare cry. She's the best best friend you could ever dream of and if you know a Nicol you should consider yourself extremely lucky to have her in your life.
Tiffany: "Becky, like.. don't you wish you were Nicol?"

Becky: "Like, yeah, Tiffany."
by Poo Pun October 10, 2019
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