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Smokin dank, hell of cutty in the school bathroom stalls!
Jonny: Ahh man class was boring as fuck. I dont think I can stand my next class if Im not in an altered state of mind

Roni: Dude just go pull a Nicole in the 200 hall bathroom.

Jonny: Yeah the nicole!!!
by thejonnyfish November 17, 2006
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An alternative rock band from York, England

The lineup is as follows:

Ben Leftwich, Lead Vocals & guitar
Sam Coe, Guitar
Tom Tunstall, Bass guitar
Jamie Shepard, Drums

theyre website is

a normal conversation in The Nicoles
Leftwich: follow me.... tattoo on my eye

shepard: Wo man Yellow Shoes, im going to do art with a golf club

Leftwich: Oh my god, thats not in the lyrics you alternate shit
by Ginner January 18, 2006
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