The never ending word that changes according to the times or zeitgeist it lives in...

It is the definition for Your Higher Self, God, The Most High, Allah, 7, YHWH, EL, Okami, TGAOTU... and so forth.

The New Word is an idea and a form of indoctrination a group who understands the LOGOS.
2Pac, don't start that blasphemy in here!
Makaveli, the new breed
And I remember what my pops told me
The New Word, follow me
Remember what my pops told me
by Coco Kolombia April 16, 2021
The creation of a new word. It can be used in many ways.
Oh, new word?
by xCDMz June 18, 2018
A word with a definition that does not YET exist on Urban Dictionary.
Please submit a New Word to the collection of definitions.
by Za Master December 19, 2019
An UrbanDictionary feature finally brought back.
They got rid of the 'New Words' feature a few months ago - and why? Oh well, it's back now.
by Devious Eyebrow October 26, 2003
when you want to add to urban dictionary so you type out the placeholder
---NEW WORD---
All the definitions on Urban Dictionary were written by people just like you. Now's your chance to add your own!

"New Word"


by ayunami2000 October 29, 2019
Write for a large audience. Lots of people will read this, so give some background information.
Don't name your friends. We'll reject inside jokes and definitions naming non-celebrities.
In the boxes below, link to other words with square brackets. For example, booty will become booty.
ahhhhh this is when you sumbit a new word so yea
by 69SomeRandomWeeb69 June 7, 2018