The New Town of Edinburgh is 1 square mile of exquisite Georgian Houses and apartments with grand communal gardens which together form a UNESCO world heritage site.

Populated by the upper-middle and upper classes of Scotland plus the the poshest of the English students at Edinburgh University, it is the northern bastion of the Sloane Ranger (sometimes known as a “Charlotte Ranger” after the grand square in the New Town).

Rahs can be found in The Little White Pig, The Wally Dug, Kays Bar, The Cumberland and Pickles. New Town kids are educated at Fettes College, Eton College and other top British public schools.
Scotland is a ghastly place full of chippie jocks and weegies, the only glimmer of civilisation is the New Town.
by UrbaneUrban February 8, 2020
a school filled with two faced hypocrites and imbeciles.
most people in new town are pick mes , attention seeking retards.

come to new town as a sec1 and u will get hated by seniors who don’t even know u personally.

but still, the sec ones come in acting like they built the school from bottom to top and expect to be treated like royalty . they come in expecting camps but the only camp they get is orientation which is day camp IN SCHOOL.

school is fucking bias towards SCs and somehow they don’t get caught for short skirts and tapered pants but non SCs do.
jacket colour rules are also a thing , the only colours they accept are black , white , red , blue or grey. hello this one not america flag leh. u can have a jacket that is reversible and they’ll tell ur jacket is UNACCEPTABLE despite flipping to the side that has acceptable colours.

most unexciting school i have ever seen .
school is SO fucking budgeted but somehow have the funds for a NEW ISH and field grass.

majority of the lessons are so fucking boring and only happens in the classroom literally NOWHERE else .

this school is full of disgustingly annoying people who think that they own the school and walk around like they’re royalty however clueless that no one likes them #oblivious . new town sec is also FILLED with horny bastards that ask for sex and is even willing to pay , hello this one not geylang bro .
continued ; once u kena one time for attire check , no matter how much effort u put in to correct ur wrongs they will still fucking target u everywhere u go like paparazzis LOL.

people are SO fucking annoying and will scream across the class to talk in the middle of a lesson .

all the good teachers are leaving and in a few years there will be none left , some lessons can be so fucking monotonous and there will be no fucking interaction u can literally fall into a coma that will probably last until the day is over .

our pe shirt is so fucking thick u will probably melt and evaporate on a humid day

this school rejects even their own teacher’s proposals for harmless events for the students that need only a super small budget.

the toilets are so fucking disgusting u might even vomit ur intestines out the moment u step in the toilet and the cubical doors literally have holes and the people here do not even flush or wipe the urine that drips on the toilet seat. disgusting much.

p6 kid : i want to go to new town secondary school

ntss student : come here if u wanna go to the zoo 😘😘
by ex student August 21, 2021
Kaede New Town Posting is a form of posting on a web service such as twitter, youtube, instagram and many others.
When someone "Kaede New Town Posts" it means they have uploaded some sort of text or something that contains things that happened in world famous 2007 hit romance comedy film "Kaede New Town"
123BlackGuy123: I love Kaede New Town
some stupid idiot: Stop Kaede New Town Posting
123BlackGuy123: How do I hide a body guys?
some stupid idiot: Im cumming
by Adam D Fan October 3, 2021
Dutch Colonized New York (and then some, up to 14th street). From "New Amsterdam".

Opposite of The Numbers
Let's stay in New A-Town, screw The Numbers.
by atomic jerk December 22, 2005
Killorglin needs a new Tidy Town Commitee. The current TT group have alienised volunteers and our wildly unpopular. Over 50% of the organizations in town now refuse to work with them. Brendan Foley, James Day and Orna Eccles should retire and hand over bank account and social media details so a new group can be elected and hopefully repair the damage the current committee has done.
Killorglin needs a new Tidy Town Committee. They have loss all support and credibility
by Killorglinpetition April 19, 2021
new town is a school that is biased towards the non sc like that ah and ofc the sasuey fixie riders always talk abt fixie and act big like that always sakalau there and here
ntss fixie student: eh yk got malay new town secondary student no money buy oem

ntss malay student: eh mak kau pei puki ah sial
by sec 4 student September 23, 2022