a sly eyed mexican man with an eye for "candy"
im like the murillo in a "candy" store
by Justin Fritsche December 22, 2006
Usually a VERY dark mexican who act white! But looks like he's from Iraq or Indian at the corner store (That ALI BABA FUCK!) Has a feminine style in clothing...sometimes wears Magenta. Caring. DIGS fat girls. MAN WHORE! Likes to drink a lot and have a good time. Ladies man but swings the other way if the opportunity arises. Hard working family man.
That hard working man must be a Murillo.
by tiny bird 1234 September 19, 2011
Is a nice guy that has monkey ears
Wow look at Murillos monkey ears
by Vag the sag September 12, 2018
New lead vocalist for Hollywood Undead, replaced Deuce as the lead vocalist after Deuce abused his fame, took advantage of the band, made the band pay $800 for his personal assistant to do things they knew perfectly well how to do, missed concerts, booed his own band from offstage....Danny is married and has a little girl. He wears a golden mask with a catholic cross on the right eye. Albums he's performed on: American Tragedy, Notes From the Underground and now a new CD which is set to release sometime in 2014. Danny is best known for lending his vocals in the songs:

Been to Hell
Coming Back Down
Lights Out
Street Dreams
My Town
Hear Me Now
I Don't Wanna Die
and others.
Danny is also of the Catholic Faith, thus the cross on his mask. He joined the band shortly after Deuce was fired from the band. Member Charlie Scene quoted this of Deuce after his departure: "We literally had to bend over backwards to make Deuce happy. I don't think there would've been another album if we had kept him on". Danny & Johnny 3 Tears both have 1 daughter. Danny's full legal name is:
Daniel Rose Murillo.
"Who's that guy in the golden mask?",

"That's Danny! The new lead singer!",

"Oh what's his full name?",

"Danny Murillo".
by HollywoodUndeadSoldierGirl97 November 3, 2013
Person 1: Dude. Deuce isn't in HU anymore. Now what? Person 2: They have Daniel Murillo now.
by .black.dahlia. June 9, 2010
Izayah Anthony-Loe Murillo is the best person to talk to when you need help with something. He is a respectful man. Nothing will get in the way of him and his beautiful girlfriend/wife. He will do anything to make his girlfriend/wife happy and wealthy. He is very Handsome and he can be rude sometimes but he can be the sweetest person most of the time. Everyone says he has a big friend in his pants but he respects everyone and everything. He will never do anyone wrong. Izayah Anthony-Loe Murillo May not make good choices everyday but he always goes with what’s best. When Izayah wants something he will go after it.
“Izayah Anthony-Loe Murillo is such a gentleman!”
by Sum lame February 27, 2019