moosing; the act of extending one's lower lip then rubbing it upon another human. this is rumored to lock that moment in both of the involved people's heads forever. the person doing the "moosing" is called the "mooser." as a noun, the act of doing it is called a "moose." the leftover saliva on the other person's skin is referred to as the "moose juice." if sanitation is an issue, you can always "blow a moose" by extending your lower lip, opening your mouth slightly, blowing, and guiding it with your hand in much of the same way one could blow a kiss.
Wow, that was the moosing opportunity of a lifetime!
by imoose November 29, 2010
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Being made to look bad by an ex or somone you have hit on getting with someone uglier then you
you hit on a girl she rejects you then you see her getting off with a fat guy, then you have been moosed

if your ex girlfried starts dating a guy who is uglier then you
by ADJMETT June 26, 2011
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To have sex in a verry loud and obnoxious mannor. Also spelled moosin'.
Hey bro did you hear what happened at the party last night? Some guy was in the room moosing some chick!
by Sakotheking November 30, 2013
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When you're having sex with a chick doggie-style and you two are facing the door and you yell real loud: "Moose!" The chick will then pull her head up and have a wide-eyed stupid look on her face. Right at that moment, put your hands behind her head with your fingers pointing upwards to look like antlers as your friend bursts in and takes a picture of her looking like a moose.
Dude, we moosed the hell out of that slut that you railed...
by Pellican January 30, 2009
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Word of randomness used by few.
What the moose? You moose! Ahhh moose you!
by moosehead August 01, 2004
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An extremely large penis, one which usually makes its owner look like a dwarf compared to it.
Your friend: "Look at that guy on tv"
You: "What about him?"
Him: Look at his dick imprint. Now that is a moose."
by AllieA69 December 04, 2016
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the "new" word for more then one moose. made possible by morgan.
There was many mooses crossing the road in colorado.
by morgan dufoe August 12, 2006
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