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The man penetrates his lady friend in the 'doggy' position. At the point of climax, he puts his hands to the side of his head, palms open and pointing forwards, with the thumbs pressed just above the ears, representing antlers. Moose-esque sound effects/shaking of the head are optional.
With all the noise and shaking, Felicity thought that Roger was having a heart attack. It was only after cleaning up that he revealed that he had been indulging in a spot of moosing. She resolved to position herself in front of a mirror next time he tried to slip her one from behind.
by Will Bowen November 19, 2004
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To have sex in a verry loud and obnoxious mannor. Also spelled moosin'.
Hey bro did you hear what happened at the party last night? Some guy was in the room moosing some chick!
by Sakotheking November 30, 2013
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moosing; the act of extending one's lower lip then rubbing it upon another human. this is rumored to lock that moment in both of the involved people's heads forever. the person doing the "moosing" is called the "mooser." as a noun, the act of doing it is called a "moose." the leftover saliva on the other person's skin is referred to as the "moose juice." if sanitation is an issue, you can always "blow a moose" by extending your lower lip, opening your mouth slightly, blowing, and guiding it with your hand in much of the same way one could blow a kiss.
Wow, that was the moosing opportunity of a lifetime!
by imoose November 29, 2010
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a sexual act involving entry doggy style,at the point of peaking,simply place hands upon each ass cheek ,then insert both thumbs up the dirt track and.... STRETCH
"my boyfriend asked me if i was game for some moosing,i said yeah, not knowing what it was and ended up in A&E with a torn sphincter...bastard could have cut his nails!"
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The act of using excessive force in basic tasks. It usually involves nails, hammers, smashing, breaking, or otherwise general destruction. Moosing should be avoided in public places.
I asked my roommate to throw away his beer cans. He smashed it on the floor and then chucked it at the garbage can and made a bigger mess then there was originally. Moosing at its finest...
by Anonymous11235813 February 05, 2012
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to open hands wide and place thumb on either side of the temple and wiggle fingers. Usually occurs during intercourse when the male wants to add a little spice into the moment.

PLEASE NOTE!!: many women find this quite annoying, only for use infront of mirror when she is about to orgasm!
when you are having intercourse and doing a lady from behind you raise your hands and wiggle... that is moosing
by N0DDY September 16, 2007
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