An individual with a gigantic golden horseshoe lodged in his ass. This person can never lose, or do anything wrong. He is the golden child and Teflon man in one. The complete opposite of being Kloused. This individual can even scam the Illinois government and collect multiple pensions to fund his gaming apps, but still not buy a round of drinks at the ball game.
I can't believe Joe is going on vacation again... that son of a bitch is The Missing Link.

The Cubs finally won the World series because they had The Missing Link in the stands.
by Road dog November 12, 2018
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Owner of the successful record label Premier Entertainment Group. Founded in New York circa 2006.

The one thing that connects "A" to "B"
I wish "The Missing Link" Produced my album!
by Bryan Z February 26, 2008
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a hypothetical primate that fills the evolutionary gap in between humans and apes
I don't think this fossil is from the missing-link.
by The Returnf of Light Joker September 13, 2011
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A man who is covered head to toe with thick and wiry hair. He's so hairy, he's the missing link that connects humans to apes.
Joe: "Damn, it's 115 degrees out here. Why doesn't Tom take off his shirt?"
Dick "That poor bastard is so hairy, he got tired of being called the missing link."
by Crapholio July 12, 2005
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To look at your video game rack, and realize one of your Legend of Zelda copies are missing.
"Where the hell is my Ocarina of Time!? I have a missing link!"
by Gamingtrevor May 22, 2009
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Creationists' undisputed proof that evolution is 100% wrong. The standard reasoning is that, since not every single human being who has ever lived since before we were human beings has been dug up, we don't know for 100% sure that they're all *really* related.

Resulting alternate postulations necessarily involve the sudden mass-extinction of one species, almost immediately followed by the magical and/or miraculous introduction of a new species - homo sapiens - by the creationist's deity of choice, be it God or aliens.

Despite the fact that this "theory" cannot hold up to a tiny fraction of the rigor they grace the theory of evolution with, proponents of intelligent design often fervently insist that the "missing link" in the chain of evolution is undeniable proof that the theory of evolution is entirely unfounded, and that their highly unlikely postulate of intelligent design must be the only logical solution.

In reality, the "missing link" represents but one piece of missing evidence among millions of pieces of existing evidence for evolution. This can be contrasted to the almost complete lack of any evidence whatsoever for the proposed alternate theory of intelligent design, as well as the willful ignorance of any physical evidence that does in fact exist (which is commonly dismissed by arguments such as "LOL THE DEVIL PUT IT THERE").

The field of psychology explains that this type of reasoning has its roots in a phenomenon known as the "confirmation bias", which is the tendency of a person to seek out and interpret information which enforces their predrawn conclusions and reject information which challenges said conclusions. The confirmation bias can be found at the heart of many junk sciences in which conclusions are drawn before any physical evidence is gathered to lead one to that conclusion.

Creationist: It's the missing link! The answer must be Intelligent Design!
by General Septem May 23, 2009
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