The Might

Pronounced (Mite)
The male "G-spot". Located between the scrotum and anal cavity.
It's called the Might because, it might clean or it might be dirty!
by Al Rodriguez April 18, 2017
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When you feel like doing something but you might just stay home and get drunk or smoke weed.
by TKBluffs January 7, 2017
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Noun: Might
1. Physical strength

Verb: Might
1.Expresses possibility
Lifting that much weight shows us his great might.

it might rain.
by DjDave71 March 4, 2008
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Unskilled or not; not able to do or be something.
You might be able to skate the gap.
'You can't skate the gap.'

You might be good.
"You're not good.'
by Steve Steve Steve May 24, 2006
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Written instead of "mate"; the word used in New Zealand, Australia and Britain meaning friend or buddy, strongly emphasizing on the powerful pronunciation of the word in that accent. Helps bring out that extra feeling.
by Lord Tywin November 12, 2013
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The samll piece of skin between your sack and ahole.
You can lick my might, because there "MIGHT" be shit on it, or there "MIGHT" not.
by PKnoice May 27, 2008
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